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The stories Jill has collected are so moving. Even though what each contributor went through is often heartbreaking, each story is filled with resilience and hope. In reading these stories, I realized that other people shared some of my experiences, and that I wasn't alone. A truly remarkable book, and one that I will recommend to anyone who has survived the cycle of sexual abuse, as well as anyone trying to support a survivor through their healing process. 

- Audrey Fierberg

I know you’ve been going through so much and please know my prayers for strength in the journey have been present. I don’t know your entire situation and just have bits of your story but reaching out in love. My aunt, who I was very close with, struggled I believe with a similar history that came to light later in life. Please know I am here and in support of your journey.

- R

Just want you to know, I listened to your podcast. It came up on Facebook and I found it inspiring, brave, and insightful. You did an amazing job and will provide help to do many. Very proud of you Jill. 


- Daniel

I’m just starting part two- your book just arrived this afternoon. I’m so affected by this book I’m actually reading it slower to absorb. I THOUGHT I was an aware person. I don’t know if you realize (because you’re so close to the issue) that others like me who THOUGHT they understood, do not. This is a perspective that I thought I had acknowledged and understood- I had not, not fully. I will add to this discussion later- but I just need you to know how incredibly proud of you I am for your strength in writing this book. But also for your insight, in opening up this perspective for others to understand. I truly admire you.

- J

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