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About Jill E. Schultz


Never before has anyone brought this taboo topic to the light until now.

Jill is boldly stepping out and vulnerably admitting that as a result of her own sexual trauma at age 4,  she innocently and curiously experimented with other children when she was a child herself.


For 41 years she lived with a dark cloud of shame and self-loathing over her head, thinking she was alone.


Finally, after years of praying for her purpose, she finally realized her life’s work is to release people from shame and change the lens through which people see how children who have been sexually abused experiment with other children.


Jill brings this taboo topic to the light so that people can get beyond the shame and live the life of their dreams.


Whether or not you have suffered from sexual abuse or if you have a secret, Jill’s approach to letting go of any kind of shame will leave you free to create a space for love, success, and abundance. 


Get Free Access to Seven Critical Steps to Releasing Shame!

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