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Healing From Shame and Childhood Sexual Trauma

Join Jill, a courageous and groundbreaking speaker, who boldly admits to her own sexual trauma at a tender age of 4 and the subsequent, innocent experimentation with other children that followed when she was a child herself. In this captivating keynote, Jill openly shares the 41 years she lived with a dark cloud of shame and self-loathing to the path to healing, self-discovery, and empowerment that changed her life forever.

Today, transformed and liberated, Jill stands ready to illuminate the path to freedom from shame for all who have carried burdens and secrets. By bringing this taboo topic into the light, she empowers others to break free from the shackles of shame and reclaim their dreams. This keynote is more than a conversation, it is a lifeline for those trapped by shame. Whether you've faced sexual abuse or harbor a different secret, Jill's profound approach will gift you newfound freedom to call in love, success, and abundance in your life.


The Uncharted Path: Embracing Discomfort, Confronting Hardship, and Achieving Greatness as a Leader

Prepare to be captivated and inspired by an award-winning keynote that boldly declares the transformative power of stepping beyond your comfort zone and facing life's toughest challenges head-on. In this extraordinary presentation, we embark on a journey that champions the idea that true growth and extraordinary accomplishments can only be achieved when we willingly step out of our comfort zones and confront adversity with unwavering determination. With compelling stories, real-world examples, and actionable insights, this keynote will guide you towards a mindset shift that celebrates discomfort as a catalyst for greatness.

Explore the profound impact of embracing discomfort, and gain the tools and perspective needed to navigate life's most demanding trials with resilience and courage. Whether you are a seasoned leader or an aspiring one, this keynote will empower you to approach challenges with a newfound sense of purpose and determination, enabling you to not only survive but thrive when life takes you outside your comfort zone. Join us for an award-winning conversation that has the potential to redefine your approach to adversity, ultimately leading you to new heights of personal and professional success.

Women's Empowerment

Shattering the Silence: Women's Path to Love, Success, and Financial Abundance through Liberation from Secrets and Shame

Join us for a transformative keynote experience tailored exclusively for women, as we explore the remarkable journey of releasing secrets and shame and uncover the potential for profound personal growth and empowerment. In this empowering presentation, we'll delve into the concept that by liberating oneself from the burdens of hidden truths and societal pressures, women can unlock a future brimming with love, success, and financial abundance. Through compelling stories, practical strategies, and real-life examples, this keynote aims to inspire and equip women with the tools to step into their true, authentic selves, setting the stage for a life filled with meaningful relationships, professional achievements, and financial prosperity.

Discover how the act of breaking free from the chains of secrecy and shame can be a powerful catalyst for unleashing one's potential. Learn how embracing vulnerability and authenticity can lead to stronger connections, greater opportunities, and the kind of self-love that is the foundation for success and financial abundance. Join us on this empowering journey, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose and the confidence to pursue love, success, and financial prosperity on your terms, without the weight of hidden burdens.

Corporate Authenticity

The Power of Vulnerability: Unlocking Massive

Success Through Transparency

In this compelling keynote, we delve into the transformative potential of embracing vulnerability and releasing hidden secrets and shame, specifically tailored for C-level corporate executives. We explore how the act of unveiling these hidden aspects of ourselves can be a catalyst for achieving unprecedented success in the corporate world. Through powerful anecdotes, real-world examples, and actionable insights, this presentation will demonstrate that transparency is not a sign of weakness but a strategic strength that can foster trust, resilience, and innovation within organizations.

We'll uncover how vulnerability fosters more authentic leadership, drives stronger connections with teams and stakeholders, and ultimately paves the way for immense success in the corporate sphere. Attendees will leave with a profound understanding of how sharing one's truth can be a game-changer, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes, trust is built, and resilience thrives, ultimately leading to remarkable achievements in the business world.


“ The stories Jill has collected are so moving. Even though what each contributor went through is often heartbreaking, each story is filled with resilience and hope. In reading these stories, I realized that other people shared some of my experiences, and that I wasn't alone. A truly remarkable book, and one that I will recommend to anyone who has survived the cycle of sexual abuse, as well as anyone trying to support a survivor through their healing process. ”

- Audrey Fierberg

Editor and Ghost Writer

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