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Program Disclosure Terms and Release

This Program Disclosure Terms and Release (“Agreement”) is made effective as of the purchase date of the online course (“Course”), by and between Jill Schultz (“Schultz”) and the individual booking or participating in the Course (“Client”, together with Schultz, the “Parties”). By purchasing the Course, Client is voluntarily entering into a legally binding agreement with Schultz. The Parties mutually agree on the following terms and conditions:

1. Schultz is a disrupter, serial entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Schultz’s mission is to help release people from shame. All work, information, advice and communications delivered by Schultz, relating to the Course (collectively, the “Program”) are inspired by this mission.


2. No Medical/Professional Advice. By purchasing the Course, Client acknowledges and agrees that Schultz (i) is not a licensed medical or mental health professional, (ii) is not providing medical or mental health advice and (iii) is not providing any counseling or therapy services. None of the information, advice or instructions referenced as part of, or related to the Program (the “Practices”) is intended to provide or act as a substitute for medical or mental health treatment nor is it attempting to diagnose or treat any mental or physical medical conditions. Client agrees that the Practices are not medical advice and understands that the Practices are based on Schultz’s personal thoughts and opinions based on Schultz’s own experiences. Client agrees to seek professional medical advice before implementing any Practices referenced in the Program.


3. Seeking Medical/Professional Advice. Client understands that Client should discuss (i) any changes to the Client’s medical treatment and (ii) any Practices with a licensed medical professional before implementing them. Client understands and agrees that Client’s purchase of the course and/or participation in the Program does not create a therapist-patient or doctor-patient relationship.


4. No Guaranteed Results. Client understands and agrees that every individual and experiences are different and therefore Schultz makes no guarantees about Client’s results from the Program.


5. By registering for this course, you are committing to confront your secrets and shame, declaring, "YOU DON'T OWN ME ANYMORE." This no-refund policy ensures accountability. I understand this decision is daunting, but you are ready for this healing journey. Our secrets are clever and will try to stay hidden, but you’ve got this. I am proud of you, and your new life begins NOW.


6. Release from Liability. Client, for themself, their  heirs, assigns, successors, executors, and administrators (collectively, the “Releasing Parties”), hereby fully releases, indemnifies and holds Schultz along with each of her affiliates, predecessors, successors, parents, subsidiaries, representatives, consultants, contractors, employees, directors, officers, clients, assigns, and/or agents (collectively, the “Released Parties”) harmless, forever and unconditionally, from any claim, loss, cost, injury, or damage (including without limitation attorneys’ fees and related costs), in law or equity, known or unknown, existing or claimed to exist (each, a “Claim”) that arises out of or relates to the Course and/or the Program.


Client acknowledges that they have read, understand and accept the terms of this Agreement in their entirety as of the date set forth below.

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